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Brazilian Roast - Single Origin

Brazilian Roast - Single Origin

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A beautiful coffee from the famous coffee growing region of Cerrado Minas Gerais. Brazil is the largest producer of coffee and sets standards for the quality of growing, harvesting and processing of amazing coffee.

Brazilian coffee is a very balanced coffee and is therefore often used as a base for many blends. Our Brazilian coffee beans are roasted for a mild and easy drinking flavour profile.

This would be an excellent choice for filter coffee so try this in a V60 or Aeropress.

This is a naturally processed coffee of the varieties Mundo Novo, Catuai and Bourbon, which delivers a smooth mild drink with notes of nuts.

Grind Sizes

Whole Bean - Grind at home

Espresso - Fine Grind

Filter - Medium Grind

Cafetiere - Coarse Grind

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